about sgr

The Beginning

In 1984, the family took dealership of ITC and he was asked to move to Nagpur to handle it. He ran the show for the next 20 years. Meanwhile, in 1998, they had their first educational institute; polytechnic and engineering college. In due course, dedication and aspiration of the team shaped the Raisoni Group of Institutions.

Raisoni Group of Institutions is a trustworthy name in the field of education. Sunil attributes this success to the entire team, which strives hard for the growth of the Group and fulfills responsibilities from time to time without missing a single deadline. The foundation of the Group lies in trust.

Sunil learned the concepts of Business from his father Shri Gyanchandji Raisoni. He recalls that 15 days after his father passed away, he received a proposal to take over Ankush Shikshan Sanstha.

For Sunil Raisoni, hard work, dedication, and passion have no alternative. Every person, who did something in his or her field, has gone through hardships and got success. This approach worked in his favor, as he understood the basics of time and resource management. It was a major ground for gaining practical knowledge.

Support system

He feels fortunate enough to have been blessed with a supportive wife, Shobha, who always stood by him through thick and thin.

He is grateful to his daughters Shradhha Surana and Shruti Dhadda, who constantly kept him updated about the new things that need to be improved. His son Shreyas, who chose to follow his father's footsteps, has taken up the challenge to take the Group to newer heights.

Sunil considers his family as a strong foundation that enables him to take a big leap. For the immense love that he has for his parents, he has named many of his institutes after them. Sabaibai Raisoni College and GH Raisoni College are catering to the educational needs of students in the region.

Success Mantra

Sunil believes in respecting each and every person he comes across, irrespective of their age. This mantra keeps him grounded and has helped him gain respect of others and achieve success, he says. This won’t completely stop people from talking behind the back but Sunil feels that all criticism should be used constructively to have a better version of our own selves.

The criticism should be a driving force to move ahead in life and shouldn’t pose a threat or cause of sorrow. When things don’t work in one's favour, they should not get disheartened or demotivated and accept the circumstances as part and parcel of journey.

Nothing is constant in this world; not even our and moments of success, he says adding, “You cannot cling to anything, neither problems nor successes. You have to move on with whatever you have and get ready for the next. Change is the only constant and you have to admit it.” One should always be grounded, he believes.

“The most important aspect is, never forget your roots. Your parents, your family, your friends are your lifelines. Wherever you may be, whatever you may become, you can never replace these people. You have to strike a proper balance among personal, private and professional life,” Sunil avers.

Keeping up with trends

He says that rapidly changing technology and coping up with it offer so many lessons. “Every idea of yours has a point to start with, but how you make it viable and valuable depends upon you. It is like, driving a bus of change. Without research and development one cannot be at its steering,” he says. Change is the only constant in the world and one has to keep it in mind all the time. Research is a tool with the help of which one can cope with changing dynamics. It equips you with an insight to bring development. “If you compare development with challenge, technically, “Every hour is a new challenge,” Sunil opines.

According to Sunil, the need of the hour is that students must go through research based education and gain practical exposure from the industry itself. The industry institute network makes it possible to have hand-on experience while studying. “Entrepreneurs are not made overnight but we can encourage students to be one, by giving them proper footing and latest information. Every hour being a new challenge, every hour also has scope for learning something new,'' he adds.

Future of Education sector

The future of education is all about strengthening and incorporating student-centric learning, Sunil opines. “As technology is rapidly changing the world around us, many people worry that it would replace human intelligence. Some worry that there would be no students to teach to, as technology might take over a lot of tasks and abilities. The thing is: Education will never disappear.

It will just take up different forms. With the help of technology, the way knowledge is passed on will undergo a significant shift towards online platforms,” he says. Students will have more opportunities to learn at different times in different places, he says and adds, “We, as education facilitators, need to deal with all things and inculcate them. Denial to this would lead to disappointments. Constant research and readiness to accept change will provide a platform to do new experiments. Students will incorporate independence into their learning process. They will become more involved informing their curriculum, that mentoring will become fundamental to student success.”