A Smile Plays Magic

There are always few moments in everyone’s life where you regret certain things — maybe laughing at other people, hurting someone, or showing disregard to someone. You don’t show to the world, but you often regret and try to learn from those experiences deep within. But one thing you should never regret is anything or any moment that made you smile.

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27 Sep 2021
Don’t dream about success. Get out there and work for it.

A famous phrase, Dreaming big is the first step to success, is undoubtedly the essence of a successful life. But is that all you need to succeed in life? Can you reach your goal simply by dreaming? Can you get to achieve milestones while having your dreams in your eyes? No, never! You have to get out to work, you have to bring down your dreams from your eyes to your hand, and you have to believe that you will succeed, and that's when you grow.

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20 Sep 2021
Real Opportunity is ‘You’

What are opportunities? Are these what stand at your doorstep when you open the door? Are these what block your path when you travel your journey? Maybe, maybe not! But whatever it may be, they don’t stand waiting for you; instead, you have to create them; you have to invite them. In essence, these are just a few favorable moments, chances, or situations that you make for yourself with dedication, perseverance, passion, and sacrifices. These are no magic wands creating a fairy tale but a leap of thought that takes you to the peak of success.

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16 Sep 2021
Embrace Positivity & Happiness to Reach Your Goals

Blessed are those who are naturally positive. They always see the night sky as the end of darkness, a partially filled glass, and rains as the creation of a rainbow. Instead of sitting and crying about the situations, they have their ways to feel positive and experience life with a new viewpoint. They don’t even hold something or someone that leaves them in pain.

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09 Sep 2021
Discovering the ‘Me’ in Life

It is a rushed and hectic life. Everyone seems to be battling their own life to cope up with speed and competition. Even before we realize that we are running the blind race, we are already a part of the race. But that’s the moment when we need to pause for a moment and think again.

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06 Sep 2021
Stay Positive Even Amidst Difficulties

In the words of Albert Einstein, “in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”. And the same holds true for real life. Whenever there is a difficulty, there is always a way to move out of it. Indeed, it is said, “if there is a problem, there is a solution”.

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02 Sep 2021
Create a Turning Point Amidst Crisis

'Crisis' is a term we all are well aware of. Isn't it? Etymologically, the term was taken from the Greek word 'Krisis', meaning 'a turning point'. By definition, it is a frightening moment leading to unstable and dangerous situations while bringing a stressful change in life. Going beyond the etymology and definition of the term, there are many life lessons to unfold.

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30 Aug 2021
Passion is the Way to Excellence

What a great quote by Steve Jobs! It drives you to go deep within your core and discover your passion, potential, goals, and aspirations. This truly becomes an inspiration; instead, Steve Jobs himself is an inspiration to the youth today. He experienced tremendous adversities and disappointments in his journey of life but never gave up on his dreams.

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26 Aug 2021
Just Believe & Achieve – Everything Will Fall into Place

You all are running a rate race in this highly competitive business era. Pause for a second and analyze where you are standing in the journey of life. Are you experiencing success at your goal? Are you mid-way to reach your dream? Are you about to finish your success journey? Or have you just taken a flight off from your comfort zone in search of a new horizon? Wherever you are in your journey of life, wherever you stand today, do remember one thing that there is no secret to success. Success is all about your own beliefs, perceptions, and the way you achieve your dreams.

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23 Aug 2021
Stay Grounded to the Truth of Life

Long back, a man was known to be a man of substance because he had traveled a long journey from being ‘Zero’ to ‘Hero’. No doubt, he had gone through many struggles, challenges, obstacles, pain, and disappointments but the only thing that kept him going was his stern determination and dedication to reach his goal. He wanted to become an entrepreneur, and he did turn out to be the proud owner of a multinational firm. Everybody around started emulating his beliefs, principles, strategies, and footsteps with a strong belief that he would serve as a guiding light.

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19 Aug 2021
Always Be Rooted in Your Being

The quote by Theodore Roosevelt reflects the essence of life in a few words. It beautifully dictates that life is a journey to travel, and everyone has their own set of expectations from life. Even if the expectations are beyond reach, there is no harm in having the aspirations. You can even aspire to reach the stars, touch the sky, and even create your horizon. But all that is important in the journey is that you should never forget who you are and always stay grounded.

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12 Aug 2021
Going through Trials Makes Us Stronger

We all aspire to understand the world around us; we all want to stay attuned to the world we live in, is not it? But have you ever been able to understand it to the core? In an attempt, we always look towards seeing the greener side of life. We consider looking at the happiness around us, we tend to see the smiles flashing in our vicinity, and we often look at people who are shining at the peak. And thats where we stand, sad and distressed.

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09 Aug 2021
Learn to Embrace Not Escape

Indeed, a meaningful quote by James Altucher. The quote describes a simple mantra of life. You have to reinvent yourself each new day, but the choice is all yours; whether you change to take a step forward or backward.

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05 Aug 2021
Self-Doubt is a Beginning of a New Journey to Success

The voice that Vincent Van Gogh talks about in the quote is your inner voice of self-doubt. When you doubt yourself, you tend to experience a lack of confidence and lack of focus to achieve something that might be another way possible. This, in turn, stops you from living a wholly actualized life that you deserve to live.

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02 Aug 2021
Hustle in silence and let your success make the noise

“Empty vessels make the most sound”. This is a known idiom reflecting a deeper essence of real life. It simply means that when people are empty within with no goals, perseverance, values, or objectives in life, they are often found blabbering. This is because they have no inner substance, and to show the world, they have to seek the help of their empty sounds echoing from within.

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29 Jul 2021
Know What is Important to You

What do you do if something or someone is important to you? The answer is simple! You make out all possible time to be for that someone and acquire that something against all odds. Similarly, if you start considering everything as your goal, your mission, nothing can stop you from achieving success.

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26 Jul 2021
What is Your Opinion - Impossible or I’M Possible?

In the words of Audrey Hepburn, “the word ‘Impossible’ itself spells ‘I’m Possible”. Then how does impossible mean “something that cannot be expected to happen”? It is only a matter of personal opinion on how you work to achieve your goals or pursue your dreams. If you have the willpower and dogged determination to achieve what your soul wants, then certainly the word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary. But if you easily give up on their dreams, then maybe the dictionary meaning of ‘impossible’ perfectly fits your personality.

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22 Jul 2021
Pursue Your Passion - The Sky is All Yours

What is passion? Something that drives your inner self to achieve the impossible! Is that what you feel? If yes, then you certainly are a passionate person with sky-touching dreams. The passion within you becomes the fire that ignites and drives your heart and mind, and you are almost halfway to success.

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19 Jul 2021
Believe in Yourself

Think about a caterpillar for a second. What decides whether it's going to cocoon up and become a butterfly or get trampled? Or get scavenged by a bird? It's the caterpillar itself. It determines whether it will build itself a cocoon and emerge a beautiful butterfly or get preyed on. The caterpillar is the one that will produce its cocoon, make sure it's in a safe place and eventually learn to fly. And the potential to do this lies in every caterpillar.

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15 Jul 2021
Break Your Anger Before It Breaks You Apart

They say that anger is destructive, and it's true. All wars began in rage; all friendships are broken in anger; families are lost in anger. And anger numbs you out; when you are angry, you do not know of friends or foes; you only see your anger. Therefore it is impossible to know the possible damages of anger until you are done with it; by then, it's too late. Anger is like a cyclone in this aspect. But they are different too. Cyclones are natural disasters, unpreventable but anger is neither realistic nor unpreventable. Some psychologists believe that anger is a secondary emotion; it starts with some other feeling, like sadness.

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12 Jul 2021
The Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins With One Step

The American author aptly put the 'secret recipe for success in one succinct quote. There is no given formula to achieve success; you just need a start. This start can be found at a point where you learn to admit, where you tell yourself your mistakes, apprehend yourself for them and begin.

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08 Jul 2021
From Zero to Hero There is a Long Way to Go

Rightly said by Walt Disney, and why not, after all, dreams are those heights that we can imagine or think of, and courage is the faith and trust in one own self of making things happen. So, if we have dreams and courage both, then nothing can hold us back. As soon as we start walking towards our dream, we keep getting closer to it with each small step. This courage is a mental booster that acts as a terminator for the hurdles faced on the way. And what are these hurdles? The lack of knowledge? The lack of understanding? Hence, we should always keep learning, keep gaining knowledge and keep growing.

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05 Jul 2021
Accept Responsibility for Everything in Your Life

"You can change what you have and not what you don't have." Hal Elrod quite correctly says that and why not, until we have the ownership of anything, how will we change, manage, handle, or whatever we do with it? That includes the responsibility of our life too. Once we own up for everything in our life, we will gain the ability to understand the different coordinates affecting our lives and how to manage them. Once we have this understanding, we will be able to work on the ways and take the solutions to our choice level and shape the achievement level. So the moment we start working on the solution, we will be heading in the direction of success.

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01 Jul 2021
True Strength Lies in Carrying Yourself Through Defeats

The quote is self-explanatory, stating that when you win, you have everyone around you to be your friend and stand with you, seeking credit for your success. However, when you fail or are defeated, nobody wants to be around you or even stand beside you. To be precise, everyone wants to share your success, but no one wants to accept the responsibility for your failure. That’s distressing, but that’s what life is about. But the real strength lies in carrying yourself through defeats despite standing alone in a crowd. Whether you get the shelter of a hundred fathers or you are bound to feel like an orphan, always remember that you have to be ‘You’, you always wanted to be. And if you walk along this challenging journey of life irrespective of the challenges and difficulties you face all your way, there is nothing that can stop your way to success.

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28 Jun 2021
Use Your Strength, Not Anxiety, to Deal with Tomorrow

What is anxiety? Nervousness? Uneasiness? Fear? Uncertainty? As defined by the American Psychological Association (APA), anxiety is characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes.” But the matter of concern is how do you tackle anxiety? Do you let it ruin your moments and days, or do you learn ways to deal with it? Whether you talk about your first day at school or your first day in a corporate, whether you speak about appearing for an exam or giving a job interview, being anxious is natural. Undoubtedly, you experience anxiety of making new friends at school, the stress of dealing with a mix of people at the workplace, fear of handling the work pressure, and anxiety of succeeding in your examinations and interviews. But will this bring down the pain of failed outcomes? Will this help you deal with unexpected results? No!

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24 Jun 2021
Accept Failure as a Stepping Stone

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Indeed, said by Winston Churchill, the quote is a pure reflection of the fact that success is not like climbing the ladder in one go but meeting new opportunities, experiences, and even failures at every step. With so much to explore at every step, with opportunities and new experiences, you can undoubtedly move your way ahead. But when you meet failures, you are often left with two options: let the failures block your way or take it as opportunities to ignite your determination to climb the ladder to the top.

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21 Jun 2021
Are You Stronger Thank Your Excuses

“Be stronger than your excuses.” Indeed, said by Eric Thomas, the quote reflects the hidden secret of growth, success, and prosperity. Only when we are self-disciplined and self-motivated, we can overcome our excuses. And thats when we can achieve our goals and fulfil our purpose in life.

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17 Jun 2021
Let Your Light Shine

Assume a moment where you are given a task to fly a deflated balloon? What will you do on the first attempt? Will you even attempt to make it fly without inflating the balloon? No! To make a balloon fly, you have to inflate it. And the only way to do it is by blowing air into the balloon. Here the choice is yours, whether you blow it using an air pump, fill hydrogen gas, or helium gas, depending on whether you want the balloon to fly or float at a height. So, now what do you think makes the balloon fly? Its air within it, not the air outside.

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14 Jun 2021
Listening Your Way to Success

Communication plays an integral role in the digital era. But, unfortunately, we often spend less time communicating with each other and more time communicating with technologies. However, communication with technologies leads us to a better future with a fair understanding of various concepts. But, what about the communication with each other?

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10 Jun 2021
Where There Is No Struggle, There Is No Strength

How do you feel after failing an examination? What do you experience when you lose a job? These are traumatic events and challenging times that no one ever wants to experience. But distressingly, these are an integral part of life. Yet, there is something good about these traumatic events and tough times. Do you know what? These make you stronger and more successful in life.

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07 Jun 2021
Secret to a Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful Life

Rude! Arrogant! Jealous! Angry! What are these, just mere emotions! But when you get along with someone who has these traits, you often feel your blood pressure rising. It even becomes difficult to handle such people at times, especially when they try to get on your nerves.

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03 Jun 2021
Know the Three Main Ingredients of Productivity

According to you, what is productivity? Is it your performance? Is it your success? Is it your determination? What exactly it stands for? It is the ratio between your valuable inputs and the expected outcomes. This gives the measure of your efficiency, be it at a social or professional level.

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31 May 2021
Playing to Win Vs. Playing Not to Lose

“I play to win- whether during practice or a real game, and I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.” Michael Jordans quote reveals the difference between Playing to Win and Playing to Not Lose. This difference in perception comes from your mindset.

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27 May 2021
Willpower is for people who are still uncertain about what they want to do.

Are these statements familiar? For many it may be a Yes. Now share your experience with these statements. Were these in your favor? There often comes a time when your willpower intersects with your personal interests and goals but the intersection doesnt work to make a change in your life. Willpower is just not enough to achieve what you want to achieve in life.

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24 May 2021
Where Does Your Mindset Takes You

When we talk about understanding life, we often inquire about our own beliefs and the impact these have on every aspect of our lives. Whether conscious or unconscious, we cannot deny that our thoughts and ideas profoundly impact. And this understanding is purely synthesized based on our insightful mindset, closed or open.

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17 May 2021
Problems are Guidelines to Creative Solutions

Indeed said by R. Buckminster Fuller, "The one common experience of all humanity is the challenge of problems." This indicates that problems are common to all; rather it is an integral part of human survival. Whether you talk about a beggar walking barefoot on the roadside or the most seasoned entrepreneur, both have to experience some or the other problem in lifes journey. However, the levels might vary.

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13 May 2021
Understanding the Relationship between Worry and Imaginations

Worry and imaginations both are human survival mechanisms closely related; to our thoughts and real-life implications. When we say worry, it is a state of mind that enables us to see obstacles and hurdles on our path without knowing its implication. On the other hand, imagination is a way of envisioning possibilities while enabling us to visualize an idealistic future.

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10 May 2021
Convert Impossibility to a Success Story

Impossibility is merely an uncrackable shell, but only till the time it breaks. Within the shell, it has disguised opportunities that have an astonishing power to create change. Thats where Impossible turns to Possible.

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06 May 2021
Ignite the Knowledge within Your Mind

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.” A well-known quote by Plutarch is a clear reflection of how knowledge acquired should be utilized. Think for a while, and youll realize that there are many things that you have learned in life but never applied the same to your routine. You often spend money and time on various courses, programs, and certifications. But be true and answer how many of you have made the proper use of the knowledge attained through various means.

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03 May 2021
Discovering the Three Stages of Success

Success has no magic formula and no guaranteed riches; it only has perseverance and perspiration. So, if you are ready with such a mindset, you are sure to meet success. In due course of your success journey, you have to put all your passion, dedication, and efforts to achieve what you aspire and dream of achieving. Whether it is to have a luxurious mansion, driving a gold-studded car, or becoming a millionaire, everything starts from within you.

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29 Apr 2021
What is Your Religion – Good or Bad?

The quote by Abraham Lincoln is indeed is a meaningful secret of life. It reflects the truth of humanity and the connection it lives with society. It is as simple as, “what you sow is what you reap”. If you possess an evil character, you are sure to experience destruction, whereas, with a good and generous character, you are sure to reap an eternal life with pleasurable and successful moments.

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26 Apr 2021
Writing and Thinking – A Seamless Coherence

A quote well-said by Aldous Huxley beautifully reflects the power of words. When you write, you are in pursuit of self-expression, and your words as a creative demonstration of information become a clear display of what is going on within you, similar to an X-ray.

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22 Apr 2021
Keep the Body in Motion, and the Mind in Action

"Keep the Body in motion, and the Mind in action" is a very old and thought-provoking saying that reveals a message to keep growing up as you grow old.

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19 Apr 2021
Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you in an environment that is familiar, safe, and secure? Do you feel at ease in your environment? Then you certainly are in your comfort zone. Take one step out of your comfort zone, and you are sure to create the pathway to growth. Indeed said by Roy T. Bennett, “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

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15 Apr 2021
Moving Towards an Extraordinary Life

The legendary Benjamin Franklin, in his course of life, was one of the most renowned figures of the western world instilled with a fusion of many artistic abilities. He was a painter, writer, statesman, diplomat, and inventor who has many scientific discoveries to his credit. Whether you talk about his discoveries, actions, words, or ideas, everything did create a powerful impact on the people, society, and community, irrespective of all the challenges that came across his journey of life. And that’s what he tries to impart through his quote, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

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12 Apr 2021
Every New Morning Write a New Story

Every day is a fresh start; a new beginning to start over; a new opportunity to lead. See it with a new perspective so that you can have your canvas to create the picture of your aspirations while leaving behind all your habits, thoughts, relationships, and activities that hold you back. Eliminate all your fears, negative emotions, and all the pain that has troubled you yesterday. Don’t pack it in the small bag of your heart and carry it along to the next day. Every night bury the bag of all unwanted things and wake up the next morning just like welcoming the birth of a newborn baby in your family.

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08 Apr 2021
Let Your Emotions Stay in Harmony with Each Other

Consider yourself a pond where fishes of different colors, sizes, and shapes can freely swim around. You’ll come to see a smiling fish, you’ll see an angry fish, and following you will come to see a crying fish, a lonely fish, an aggressive fish, an energetic fish, a content fish, and many other fishes in their respective shapes, sizes, and colors.

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05 Apr 2021
It’s All in Your Mind

On the journey, some people accompany us, there are new people we meet, and there are people who teach us the important lessons of life. These can be compared to giant whales, dolphins, fishes, sea horses, and many more who come across as we sail from one shore to another in the ocean of life. Each of them has a different role in our lives, each has a different responsibility towards our existence, and each has its own set of motives. So, it purely depends on how we interact with them, how we deal with them, and how much value we give them in our course of the journey.

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01 Apr 2021
Think What Really Matters

Value is directly proportional to the worth of the commodities in the market. The statement clearly defines that if a product or commodity is used for people, it has value, but if it has no use-value, then the worth becomes negligible. No one can ever sell anything in the market if it’s not an object of utility.

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29 Mar 2021
Keeping Your Words, Promises, and Commitments

Go back to the rich and inspiring Indian history, and you’ll realize that all successful people have always done what they said. Take examples of known Indian icons, including Mahatma Gandhi, who wanted to bring Swaraj into the country; Rani Lakshmibai, who as an epitome of bravery and courage, fought for freedom; Srinivasa Ramanujan, who was an Indian Mathematician who shaped the tremendous growth of science and technology; and the business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani who lived a successful entrepreneurial journey from rags to riches.

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25 Mar 2021
Embrace Life with Open Arms

Do you know what is the most certain thing in life? Something that beholds the power to change your fate, something that beholds the ability to bring a complete transformation? That’s nothing other than ‘Uncertainty’, the only certainty in life that defines a series of natural and spontaneous changes.

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22 Mar 2021
Know the 3 P’s of a Successful Life

Human progress is all about the growth and development of society in all aspects. Whether you consider societal beliefs, human values, technological progress, or digital innovations, the overall progress is no magic. At whatever crossroad of life you are standing today, it's all a part of your persistence or consistency, whether efforts or ignorance is purely your choice.

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18 Mar 2021
Small Things Pave Way for Big Outcomes

Keep an empty bucket under a tap allowing to release one drop at a time. The next morning you see the bucket overflowing with water. Life is just similar, where every droplet counts; nothing goes unnoticed, nothing is negligible.

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15 Mar 2021
Don’t Live Anger, Rather Breathe Peace

Is the steamy, sputtering anger cascading over your heart, mind, and soul?

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11 Mar 2021
Live a Life that Reflects You – Be True and Honest

Truth is always absolute, ageless, and unchanging. The best example to consider is that two plus two is always four - the same holds for everyone, everywhere, and all the time. Even when you consider the human body composed of six elements - oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus no one can deny this truth about the human body.

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08 Mar 2021
Seek First to Understand Then to Conquer

Wisely said, seek first to understand, then to conquer. This simply means that whatever you aspire to conquer, you need to understand it completely. Whether your weaknesses, shortcomings, competitors, or business rivals, you must first know and understand them to the core if you are looking to defeat them.

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04 Mar 2021
Life is Not About Buying a Lottery Ticket

Have you ever come across a moment that has left you shattered and broken? Have you ever come across a moment that has sabotaged your intentions? Have you ever come across a moment that has compelled you to stop after tireless struggles? If yes, then what did you do at that moment in life?

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01 Mar 2021
Every Moment Counts – Embrace & Favor It!

Indeed, the time will never be ‘just right’. No matter how hard you push yourself, no matter how many checkboxes you tick, no matter how many moves you make in the game of life, you won’t always have all the stars aligned.

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25 Feb 2021
The Only Time to be Happy is ‘Now’

Life is a short narrative with so many twists and turns, bringing unexpected surprises and shocks. But, does life take a pause? Does time wait for things to settle down? Does the wind stop at a point to see the impact it is creating around? No, never! Time and tide wait for none and so do the course of life.

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22 Feb 2021
Experiencing the Conflict between Ethics and Economics

Indeed the economics has taken a centre-stage. Wisely said, money is not everything but do you really think so?

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18 Feb 2021
Small Acts Can Make the Biggest Impact

What are small acts? How does that have the potential to create a difference? Think for a while and analyze yourself. Think of a moment when you felt most loved; think of a moment when you felt most appreciated; think of a moment when you felt most confident. These are beautiful experiences that create contagious emotions to turn a life around.

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15 Feb 2021
Sharing the Land of Promise and Hope

Are you conscious about reality, the reality of the Earth you live in? How can you explain the world around you, the universe that exists, and everything surrounding you on this planet? The perception is arduous to objectify because consciousness is all about the flow of subjective experiences.

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11 Feb 2021
Why Restrict Your Vision in a Universe that is Infinite

Have you ever wondered what influenced the introduction of a revolutionary mode of communication that took a transformation from the classic rotary dial to the current day video communication? Have you ever realized how the desktops, computers, and laptops came to existence?

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08 Feb 2021
We Reap What We Sow

Buddha is the incarnation of Love, Temperance, Modesty, Diligence, Compassion, and Happiness; a belief that always stays woken up to reality.

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04 Feb 2021
Being Curious is an Important and Powerful Trait

Indeed, curiosity is the mother of invention. Going back to the history of humanity, there are many live examples to portray the essence and impact of curiosity. Considering the Law of Motion, Isaac Newton was curious to know the science behind the fall of an apple. Then, Einsteins Theory of Relativity.

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01 Feb 2021
Recognizing the Limits of Your Knowledge

How would you differentiate false knowledge and ignorance? It is the same for many, but in reality, there is a very thin line difference between the two. Amazingly, that thin line difference beholds the power to create a significant impact in your life.

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28 Jan 2021
Character or Reputation – What Will You Pursue?

Rightly said by an American basketball player and coach, John Wooden, “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

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25 Jan 2021
Be a Manifestation of God’s Creation

Abiding by the same belief, when you have your eyes open to your goals, ambitions, intentions, and vision, you constantly move the pathway, defying all obstacles that come your way.

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21 Jan 2021
Be Mindful of Your Habits

By definition, moral excellence is the activity and action of a rational soul aligned with the virtues and values. Indisputably, this excellence plays an integral role to frame your destiny.

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18 Jan 2021
Learn to Create Success from the Worst Times of Your Life

It is rightly said, "If you can learn from the worst times of your life, you'll be ready to go into the best times of your life". When you make mistakes, you learn it is a mistake and respond with the right ways of doing things.

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14 Jan 2021
Overcoming Your Weakness Makes You Strong and Successful

No one in the world is perfect. Everyone has some flaws and lacks something. But what you lack does not define your character; instead, overcoming that flaw makes you carve your identity.

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11 Jan 2021
Converting Moments of Stupidity to Moments of Learning

There is a very little difference between genius and stupidity, but that thin line beholds all the power and magic to become successful in life. When we talk about genius, we consider intelligence, both IQ and EQ.

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07 Jan 2021
The Wisdom of Silence is the Key to Success & Happiness

“Empty vessels make the most sound”. This is a prevalent English idiom that showcases the hidden potential of gaining the wisdom of silence. Silence does not merely mean staying numb but speaking thoughtfully with sufficient information and an appropriate assumption. This comes as a result of focused listening.

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04 Jan 2021
Converting Failures to a Glorious Ending

Truly been said by Henry Ford, ‘Life is a series of experiences’ that bring forth happiness, joys, success, tears, smiles, failures, grievances, and setbacks. There is no permanency of any moment or experience of life.

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31 Dec 2020
Transforming Information to Knowledge is Instrumental

Abiding by the words of Peter Drucker, knowledge beholds an incredible power to beat physical strength, empower our growth in the society, make us humble in our achievements, and enable us to discover new horizons of life. Indeed to mention, that no individual, society, community, or nation can prosper without knowledge.

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28 Dec 2020
Meaning of True Happiness

A sound mind in a sound body is instrumental in having a productive and beautiful soul. With a healthy body and mind, we are bound to deliver incredible results, results that are beyond our confines, and results that can make us genius. On the other hand, in an ailing body, even our most beautiful soul fails to achieve its task.

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24 Dec 2020
Redesigning & Reinventing Our Shape

It has indeed been said that children are like clay in the potter’s hands’. Here the potter is a resemblance of our parents and friends. Parents nurture us while instilling values and beliefs into our soul, whereas friends add meaning to the core existence of our identity. But does that mean we have to follow them always? Does that mean we have to be their carbon copy? No!

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21 Dec 2020
Talking About the Peace in the World

Peace in the world is the most beautiful reflection of peoples’ hearts and minds where righteousness resides. Righteousness is the quality of having a moral character and acting by the divine laws. And this quality is known to give birth to peace.

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17 Dec 2020
Talking About the Path of Success

Life is like a vast ocean where you experience everything on your journey; thunderous rage, tides with cool breeze, sereneness with tranquility, and of course a beautiful horizon that seems impossible to reach. Amidst this vastness, there is nothing that is planned. The water keeps flowing with high and low tides exposing us to many experiences of life. That is all life is about, discovering experiences, learning to deal with what comes across, and preparing for what comes unplanned.

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14 Dec 2020